5 Innovative Solutions for Home Sellers in Placerville, CA

When selling your property in Placerville, CA, you should always employ tried-and-true sales strategies, but there may be some more modern approaches that work just as well. Let's discuss 5 cutting-edge options for home sellers in Placerville to get a better knowledge of how we can employ contemporary technology and techniques to our benefit.

5 Innovative Solutions for Home Sellers in Placerville, CA

Hire a Hybrid Agent

Possibly the most helpful recommendation we can provide is to hire the services of a qualified and experienced hybrid real estate agent. 

A hybrid agent is an individual investor with a portfolio of homes available to clients, as opposed to your more traditional agent who exclusively works with representing clients when buying or selling homes. In addition to bringing to the table the prospect that they may have a property that is ideal for your next home, hybrid agents are always on the hunt for amazing offers.

A hybrid agent is especially beneficial to house sellers in Placerville since they focus on all aspects of the market and have a deeper awareness of local pricing points and unique qualities offered by any property for sale.

Help Generate Interest

It goes without saying that attracting interest by spreading the word is essential to selling any home. Homeowners in Placerville can now easily help increase the amount of individuals who see their home's listing on social media.

Share the listing for your Placerville property on the social media sites you use most, along with a brief summary of some of its highlights. Include posting about your listing to any relevant neighborhood groups that permit real estate posts, and then request that your loved ones do the same.

Having your listing branching out that far is certain to make its way to additional motivated buyers.

Provide an Unforgettable Walkthrough

Something that has grown in popularity over the last decade is providing a virtual 3D tour of your entire property. 

Making it possible for anyone with internet access to take a detailed tour of each room in your house makes your listing more engaging and provides potential buyers an opportunity to see how they may decorate the space if they were to call it home. A step further, augmented reality tours are increasingly gaining popularity. This offers a comparable but more realistic way for potential buyers to virtually tour your house.

As an added bonus, companies have started to provide digital furniture and decor that can be bought and then used for staging purposes in your augmented reality tour.

Photos Make the Listing

Taking a look at the listings in your area, you’ll find a variety of properties with poor photographs that leave you guessing about the home’s layout. 

Consider employing a professional photographer to deliver a clear and unequalled set of photographs so you can easily set your listing apart from the competition. It's crucial to arrange the photos so that anyone can browse them as if they were touring your house.

 If a buyer feels the need to stop and ponder how rooms transition and are laid out, they’re losing focus and getting frustrated.

Take to the Skies

As a final way to feature your home, look into having aerial photographs and a video flyby done using a drone. 

This is an additional approach to spruce up your listing and distinctively present your home. It provides buyers a different perspective of your property, and every extra little touch that gives buyers a fresh perspective on your home will only help with the sale of your home in Placerville, CA.

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