What You Need to Know About Contingencies Before Selling Your House in Citrus Heights

Do you want to sell your house in Citrus Heights? Contingencies are frequent in traditional real estate purchases, and they serve to safeguard the buyer in the transaction. As a result, you should be aware that you can discuss these contingencies with your buyer before signing the contract. The buyer may walk away or choose to renegotiate if the defined components of the contingency fail to fulfill the requirements within a given deadline. There are no limits to the contingencies that buyers can add to a contract, although several are well-known and have become customary in home sales.

Selling Your House in Citrus Heights


The inspection is one of the most usual contingencies when selling your home in Citrus Heights. Unfortunately, for many homeowners who have concerns about the construction or major systems in their home yet want to sell it, the inspection can lead to a lot of restless hours. Furthermore, if an inspector discovers a problem during the inspection, your buyer may ask for a credit toward the repairs or request that the repairs be completed before closing if they don't back out of the contract. Hiring an inspector before listing the home is one method to prevent the anxious anticipation of the outcome. Though it may not be pretty, having a realistic view of your home might help you decide on the best course of action for selling it.


If the home's worth is in doubt, your buyer may add an appraisal contingency to the contract. If your home appraises for less than the offer, the buyer may withdraw, or you may try to renegotiate before selling your home in Citrus Heights.

Sale of Current Home

Before selling your property in Citrus Heights, bear in mind that purchasers may make an offer contingent on the seller selling their present home, which is a lot to ask, especially when your bills will continue to come in each month until yours closes. As a result, if you examine their offer, you should understand more about where they are in the sales process and how near they are to closing.

Property Sales Group

A direct selling of your home to Property Sales Group rather than a typical transaction can assist eliminate all contingencies. With simple contracts, Property Sales Group makes selling your home in Citrus Heights simple. The experts at Property Sales Group will spell out the specifics of our offer so you can compare how much you'd make from a typical listing vs. a direct sale. Property Sales Group will make you an offer for your home, as-is, that you believe is reasonable. You might have your cash in hand in a matter of days if you sell directly to Property Sales Group, or we can wait until you're ready to move; just let us know when you'd like to close. Call Property Sales Group at 916-990-7376 right now!

You as the seller may continue to examine other bids while the contingencies are being fulfilled, but you cannot engage into a second contract. Deals that fall through due to contingencies increase the amount of days your home is on the market, which generally results in a lower ultimate sales price. Before selling your home in Citrus Heights, we'll go over what you need to know about contingencies.