How to Sell an Old House That Needs Work In Fair Oaks

August 21, 2020

How to Sell an Old House That Needs Work In Fair Oaks

Selling an older Fair Oaks home can present its own list of challenges. Historic homes can be great draws for many buyers, but an older home that is just run down and a little worse for wear is a completely different story. Benefits of cash offer on house for seller, whether your house is simply outdated style and décor wise or is in complete disrepair, there are some secrets experts use to help Selling an older Fair Oaks home for the right price.

If you are asking yourself how will I sell my older Fair Oaks home, the key is to avoid investing in a complete overhaul and instead focus on the things that will give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Be Honest About the Negatives

Every negative about your home has the potential to take several thousand dollars off your asking price. You have to be realistic about negatives, including the ones you can’t change. This would include:

Consider the type of buyer you can expect, or who you hope to attract to your home. Look at your home from their perspective so you can honestly determine where your home requires some help. Because you can’t do anything about the market or your location, you need to focus on the things you can change. That’s where you should put all your effort.

2. Improve Curb Appeal

Today 52% of buyers find their homes online. Curb appeal means everything as it is the first impression that will turn a buyer on or off. Your exterior images, therefore, have to make a major impact if you want to entice prospects to set up a viewing. Taking care of your landscape can improve curb appeal. This includes mowing your lawn, removing weeds, cleaning up any garbage or broken items from your front porch and the side of your home, etc.

Be extremely detail-oriented with your clean up and then look at your Fair Oaks home again. Could your front door use a new coat of paint? Are there any obvious repairs needed like broken porch lights or torn window screens? Could you use some flowers in your flowerbeds, or an urn on the porch? All these details are cheap and offer curb appeal.

3. Declutter

Whether you’ve lived in your home for a year or a lifetime, chances are you’ve got clutter. Go through every room and clean up the mess, while also editing out excess furniture that can take up space. Do the same to things such as collections on shelves, walls covered in too much art and even overstocked closets that shout you have no storage space. Don’t forget the attic, basement, and garage where people will be expected to poke around. Think spacious, light, airy and minimalist to get the job done. Pack the clutter as you go and then put it in storage until moving day.

How to Sell an Old House That Needs Work In Fair Oaks

4. Modernize Décor

Some of the major turn-offs for buyers include outdated wallpaper, carpeting and paint colors. Neutralize your décor by applying a fresh coat of paint in a soothing color that will appeal to the masses.

5. Make Modest Repairs

Look for issues like loose kitchen cabinet doors or knobs, damaged drywall, faulty windows, leaky faucets, visible stains, etc. that you can patch up and repair. This will make the house seem less like a maintenance nightmare and more like a home.

6. Hire Professional Cleaners

This is a must even if you are a clean freak. Professional cleaners will go from top to bottom removing stains, scrubbing tubs and sinks and making your home look sparkling clean. Don’t forget to have the carpets professionally steam cleaned as well.

7. Address Odors

If you have pets, you probably have odors. If you smoke, you have odors. If you cook spicy or fried foods, you guessed it, you have odors. A professional carpet cleaning and fresh paint job can do wonders for removing odors. However, you can also consider having drapes cleaned, ensuring your pet issues are addressed and start smoking outside until the house is sold.

8. Budget-Friendly Kitchen Makeover

Your kitchen is a major selling feature for your home. Some easy, affordable quick fixes include new paint, painting worn cabinets to a neutral color like white, a new kitchen counter, new faucet and sink, upgraded cabinet knobs, etc.

9. Check Out Your Backyard

Spray paint your older outdoor dining furniture and toss a few pillows on your chairs. If your barbecue is in need of repair, replace it or at least buy a cover for it. If you have a pool, have a pool cleaning company come in to make it look inviting. Mow the lawn, clean up the garbage, keep the kids toys out of site, etc.

10. Address Your Unique Challenges

You might have more things on your list after giving your home and Fair Oaks property the once over. Your goal is to create a lifestyle people can see themselves enjoying from the moment they approach your front yard. Your challenge is that most buyers are looking for new and modern units, which means you are up against some pretty stiff competition.

Even if your entire neighborhood consists of older homes, a fair share of those homes will have undergone recent upgrades. As well, if your budget, health or lifestyle has interfered with proper upkeep and maintenance your Fair Oaks home will look a lot shabbier than others for sale in your neighborhood. While this might appeal to the fixer-upper enthusiast, those buyers are never willing to offer you a fair price. It will make it difficult to sell your Fair Oaks house for a decent price that will maximize the value of your Fair Oaks property.

11. Consider the Right Seller

Most people go to a real estate agent as their first choice to help them sell their Fair Oaks homes. Benefits of accepting a cash offer on house, finding a trusted agent can be a challenge and prove to be quite time-consuming. Even if you have an agent you trust, the process of listing your home, prepping it for viewings and going through the inspection process takes forever and is also very stressful. You’re looking at as long as six months from start to finish. That’s a long time to make a move. However, there are other alternatives.

One approach is to sell your home yourself. This is a popular choice because homeowners don’t have to worry about paying a commission to an agent. However, when selling an older home you might not have the skills or knowledge to help buyers and their agents see beyond the age of your home. An excellent option is to go through a company that will buy your home as-is for cash.

For the older home in need of TLC, or worse, a home in dire need of major repairs, selling for cash allows you to skip all the hassles and go straight to the sale. No work is required, making it an easy solution for older homeowners who lack the funds or mobility to make repairs and upgrades on their own. This is a tiring process that might not be manageable for seniors or those with a busy schedule.

Your main question is how much can you save going the cash route? Our instant cash calculator will show you what your home is worth and how much you could save in realtor’s fees. Avoid the hassles of selling your older Fair Oaks home by a realtor or on your own. This can end up adding to your expenses and eating into your bottom line. If you are wondering how I will sell my older home, our team at the Property Investment Group is looking to pay cash for homes just like yours. Speak to our team today.