How to Sell a House With Cloudy Title in Citrus Heights

Liens, judgments, title issues, or encumbrances can all contribute to a clouded or defective title by making it difficult to determine who owns the property. Furthermore, because most buyers use traditional lenders to obtain a mortgage, a hazy or faulty title poses complications if you need to sell your house. A title search on the property is one step in the process when buyers qualify for a loan; lenders frequently want title insurance. Because of the fog generated on the title, buyers avoid properties with liens or in the foreclosure process. When you need to sell your property but don't have the cash to do so, it can be quite frustrating. The clouded title will almost always keep you from selling unless you can locate a buyer ready to take on your problems. Continue reading to learn how to sell a house in Citrus Heights with a shady title.

Sell a House With Cloudy Title in Citrus Heights


If you need to sell a house in Citrus Heights with a shady title and Uncle Sam is involved, you'll need to hire a certified tax expert to help you work out a payment plan, which you can do with your local property tax collector as well. You'll be able to proceed with your selling once you've paid off your debt. We buy houses with ambiguous titles in Citrus Heights at Property Sales Group; we offer guaranteed closings, often in a matter of days, with the freedom to set closing at the optimum date for you. When a direct buyer from Property Sales Group makes an offer, they also provide the numbers used to reach the offer and provide a comparison with the earnings from a traditional listing, so you can decide which is best. Our goal at Property Sales Group is that you agree that our offer is fair because we want you to feel good about the deal long after the closing.

Title Company

One alternative is to work directly with a title company to assist you sell a house in Citrus Heights with a clouded title by clearing the title. However, you should be aware that this procedure takes time and that you must either remedy the problem or have the encumbrance lifted and dismissed if the problem has already been resolved or the cloud is an error. Reputable title specialists can assist you in developing a strategy to address the problem and move forward, depending on the type of debt. Alternatively, you might enlist the assistance of seasoned professionals such as those at Property Sales Group. And because our local direct buyers buy houses as-is for cash at Property Sales Group, you won’t need to worry about prepping or making repairs before the sale, marketing expenses, or the hassles of showings, saving you even more time and money. Work with our in-house full-service network of providers at Property Sales Group to handle any problem homeowners face with ease, including cloudy titles.

Property Sales Group

If you need to sell a house in Citrus Heights with a shady title, a direct sale to Property Sales Group is the best option. Selling directly to Property Sales Group is a simple and straightforward process with no commissions, closing costs, or other surprises. So, without any obligation, speak with one of our seasoned professionals at Property Sales Group to learn how we can assist you with your unique set of circumstances and help you find the best solution.

We at Property Sales Group believe that effective communication is essential for success. That is why we stop everything and listen, taking the time to address any of your concerns and answer your questions, walking you step by step through the process.