Unexpected Expenses to Prepare for When Selling Your House in Sacramento

Are you getting ready to sell your Sacramento home? So, hang on a second before you start counting how much money you're going to gain from the transaction. It's possible that selling your home in Sacramento will cost you far more than you think, resulting in a lower profit than you anticipated. Although selling a home does not usually come at a high price, you should be aware of the potential "hidden" costs. Here are some unanticipated costs to consider when selling your home in Sacramento.

Selling Your House in Sacramento

Utility Bills

Yes, you read that correctly: utilities. You'll almost certainly have to keep the utilities on if you move out before selling your house in Sacramento. If you don't, your home could be harmed, and potential purchasers might be turned off.

“It's a good idea to keep the utilities on until the day before the sale is finalised. It will not only assist your real estate broker in demonstrating that the home is completely functional, but it will also assist you in avoiding other problems. Keeping some lights and air conditioning on during the summer or on really humid days, for example, can help keep your home mold-free. Mold thrives in environments where humidity levels are higher than 70%.” And you certainly need to keep the heat on in the winter to avoid frozen and burst water lines.

You should also keep the utilities turned on for the buyers' convenience when they come to see your home. They will be more eager to remain longer and see all of your home's amenities if it is comfy. Also, keep the utilities turned on even after you've accepted an offer and during the final walk-through.

Staging Costs

Multiple surveys have found that staged homes sell faster and for more than homes that aren’t staged. So if you want to get the best price possible when selling your house, you should spring for professional staging.

Basically, staging “involves decluttering a room, painting (if necessary), providing attractive furniture and curtains, and making the area to be beautiful but generic, so potential buyers can imagine their style (not yours) on display. Many professional house staggers are also interior decorators who provide staging as a service. While staging costs between $250 and $600 per room, per month, a staged property sells 88 % faster and for an average of 20% more than a non-staged house.”

However, physical staging may not be your only cost when it comes to selling your home in Sacramento. There's also digital staging to consider, which has practically become a requirement in today's market if you want your online listing to get noticed. "You must not only stage your home, but also make beautiful images and descriptions available online to maximize the visibility of your property to potential buyers."


And, of course, you’ll almost certainly have to make some repairs before selling your house in Sacramento. Even if a buyer doesn’t request some repairs (though she often will), you’ll still probably have to do some. Here’s why . . .

"A bank won't give a buyer a loan if it doesn't believe the investment is sound, thus lenders conduct extensive inspections of a property before underwriting a mortgage." Because most houses have at least a few flaws, the examination frequently reveals that repairs are required. Then you'll have to perform those repairs in order for the buyer to acquire financing and the sale to go through. However, you may not be responsible for the entire repair cost. "Many real estate sales contracts solve this issue by requiring the buyer and seller to divide repair costs up to a predetermined amount, such as $1,500."


Seller concessions are another (though indirect) unforeseen expense to be prepared for when selling your home in Sacramento. Concessions are things you promise to do or pay for in order to sweeten the deal for the buyer and expedite the transaction.

“In real estate transactions, there is a lot of negotiation, and purchasers frequently make conditional requests to be included in the purchase price. A prospective buyer may request that you pay a portion of their closing fees, leave particular household items, or include your great aunt Martha's baby grand piano in the purchase.”

Just be sure to consult a Sacramento agent before agreeing to any concessions – you don’t want to give up more than you need to. To discover more about this just call 916-990-7376.

Credits to Buyer

Buyer credits are an indirect and unexpected expense you may encounter in selling your house in Sacramento. Typically, these credits are given in lieu of the seller’s making certain repairs.

“If you don't want to deal with repairs or renovations, you might give a buyer a seller credit to cover the price of repairs. Buyers who are short on cash may even ask for seller credits to pay additional expenditures such as closing costs or escrow fees.”

This can be a tricky and potentially costly situation for sellers. So be sure to consult a Sacramento agent at 916-990-7376 before committing to any credits.

Moving Costs

And, of course, you’ll encounter moving costs. Don’t make the mistake many sellers do by failing to factor in this cost of selling your house in Sacramento.

Even if you do everything yourself, there are still costs. You’ll have time and labor invested, as well as the costs of your fuel

The Sacramento Agent Advantage

Many sellers are taken aback when they learn of the possible magnitude of all these unanticipated costs. The key is to keep them as low as possible, and a knowledgeable local agent can assist you in this endeavour. So, if you're going to sell your home in Sacramento and want to keep your costs to a minimal, call us at 916-990-