3 Misconceptions People Have About Selling Their Sacramento Homes in 2022

The means for selling a home have evolved, rendering previous assumptions about what is required to sell a home obsolete. So keep reading to learn about three common misunderstandings regarding selling your Sacramento house in 2022.

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Prep Work and Repairs

One of the common misunderstandings about selling Sacramento properties in 2022 is that you must spend money to make money. Some sellers would rather avoid the hassle of showings. Others, on the other hand, lack the time, motivation, or financial resources to complete the painting, updating, and other tasks necessary to sell their home for top market value. Other property sellers are concerned about repair costs. Alternatively, Property Sales Group buyers are cash buyers who acquire houses in as-is condition. At Property Sales Group, our direct buyers want you to sell your home for the highest possible profit. So, whether your property is new or like new, or has become run down, at Property Sales Group, our direct buyers will provide you with a comparison to decide which is best for your circumstances. We’ll lay out how much you’d profit from a traditional listing vs. all of the numbers used to reach our offer, which you’ll agree is fair.

You Must List To Sell

Another common misunderstanding about selling a Sacramento property in 2022 is that they only have two options: hire a realtor or advertise on the real estate market themselves. Many homeowners consider selling their house as a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) to avoid paying real estate commissions. Some sellers want to preserve the commissions when working with a professional, such as a direct buyer from Property Sales Group, to ensure that they won't be subjected to any legal ramifications as a result of the sale or disclosure requirements.  The direct purchasers at Property Sales Group will buy your home directly, with no commissions, thanks to our full-service staff of pros on call. With a direct sale to a seasoned professional investor from Property Sales Group, there are no hidden fees in the offer we present, and you won't even have to pay any closing costs.

The Selling Process is Slow

Another common fallacy about selling a Sacramento property in 2022 is that it will take months to close, even if it sells quickly. Some sellers are ready to pay a premium for the convenience of speed that direct purchasers like Property Sales Group provide. Our seasoned direct purchasers at Property Sales Group are expert investors with solutions to all types of real-world difficulties.

We Buy Houses In Sacramento

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A job relocation, for example, might cost a lot of money in holding expenses as you wait for a buyer to come along and then go through the headaches of bank approvals with no end date in sight. At Property Sales Group, we provide a fast, guaranteed closing date, typically within weeks, that can be at a date that coincides with your plans for moving.

The bottom line is that Property Sales Group buyers live and work in Sacramento, and we care about our neighbors; our objective is to negotiate a deal you'll be happy with long after you've left the closing table. Our policy at Property Sales Group is complete transparency; we take the time to walk you through the process step by step. Why not speak with a direct buyer at Property Sales Group about any obstacles to your selling and see how a direct sale can help. You can rest assured that your direct buyer from Property Sales Group will listen to your concerns and answer any of your questions to your satisfaction. Contact Property Sales Group at 916-990-7376.