How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Market

How to sell a house fast in a slow market ? Life can throw you some curveballs that shake up your plans and force you to take actions you aren’t prepared to handle. One of those challenges could be having to sell your house fast for cash in a pinch. Although it could be for good reasons such as a new job offer or moving in with a partner it could also be because of upheaval such as impending bankruptcy, foreclosure, the unexpected death of a loved one or divorce. When the time comes to sell, there are many options to get things moving more quickly, so you can reduce stress and get on with the next stage of your life.

How to Sell a House Fast in a Slow Market

It’s Decision Time

So, you’ve done the math and realize it doesn’t make sense to fix up your home. You’re not interested in putting up with repair people. You don’t have the money to put up front. You have decided to sell the home quickly. The sale will be in an as-is state.

But you must be careful here. When you sell your house as is, you still have to reveal everything that’s wrong with it. That includes structural (like cracks in the foundation), plumbing, electrical wiring, drainage—everything. You also have to tell the buyer about any existing title problems or liens…even disagreements with your neighbors over your property boundary.

Unfortunately, when you decide to sell your home as-is, you often end up shutting out the average real estate buyer.

You are more likely to attract home wholesalers and those house flippers we mentioned before. And don’t forget, with so many interested parties, you’ll still need to have multiple showings. Again, be careful, as there can be shady companies who look to take advantage of vulnerable sellers.

If you’re ready to sell your house as-is, your best bet is to work with a reputable property investment firm. Property Sales Group can get you the best deal and do it quickly. Founder Sergei Kucher has helped thousands of homeowners through this process. We help you every step of the way—from offer acceptance, to paperwork, to money transferred into your bank account—so you get a fair deal without stress and hassle in 2 weeks or less.

Why Should I Sell to a Real Estate Investor?

Real estate investment groups are in the business of helping homeowners sell their home quickly, especially when they’re under financial or personal stress. In Sacramento, for example, Property Sales Group, led by owner Sergei Kucher, buys and renovates homes.

Property Sales Group has its own construction teams, which means they have the ability to make necessary repairs and upgrades on your house so you don’t have to. For you, that means they will most likely be able to offer you more money for your house than a company that can’t handle the repairs.

And because they’ve helped over 700 families sell their home for cash in the Sacramento area, Property Sales Group understands the market and the challenges you face when your home needs costly repairs or just won’t sell. That’s why they promise to work on your behalf…quickly, fairly and compassionately.

Is There an Easier Way?

There are many moving parts to selling including finding a buyer, paying the real estate agent their share, working with lenders and the escrow company, title issues and dealing with all the legal work. You can take the easier route and work with a company that specializes in buying homes for cash. They can handle everything for you so you get the best price for your home, have the cash you need, and can move on with your life.

This is an even better option if you find your home is in bad condition and you can’t afford the repairs. You will have a hard time finding a buyer willing to take on a home with these issues, without facing some embarrassingly low ball offers that will eat into your profits. If you choose to work with a company willing to pay cash for your home, you avoid the usual selling steps like staging and showings. You have a more flexible approach for closing so you can make arrangements to move with less pressure and focus on the next stage of your life.

Property Sales Group specializes in acquiring and selling homes for cash. For more information, contact our team today.