How to Buy a Roseville House Without a Downpayment

First-time homebuyers may be surprised to learn about all of the costs of buying a home in Roseville and unprepared to pay the typical 20% down payment required by conventional lenders, in addition to all of the other fees associated with closing and moving into a new home, which can total in the tens of thousands of dollars. Alternatively, if your credit has suffered and you don't have enough cash on hand to put toward a down payment, the dream of home ownership may seem just out of reach. There are many benefits to utilizing these options, the first of which is the ability to attain homeownership immediately. Along with this bonus is the ability to keep what money you do have on hand in savings; additionally, you begin to build equity in the home instantly. There are many options available with a bit of investigation, so read on as we explore some of the ways you can buy a Roseville house without a down payment.

How to Buy a Roseville House Without a Downpayment


Depending on the type of loan, there are certain restrictions for using a gift to buy a Roseville house without a down payment. Among them are the requirements that the contribution be made by a blood relative, husband or domestic partner, or fiancee who has no financial stake in the transaction. In addition to other documentation, the lender will require a letter that includes your signature along with your donor’s, the donor’s name, which describes their relationship to you, and states they will not require repayment of the gift. There may also be other documentation required. For down payments over $15,000, tax laws need the giver to report this gift on their taxes.


While the FHA does not directly lend money, it does provide programmes to assist purchasers like you in purchasing a Roseville home with no down payment or a low down payment as low as $100. Furthermore, if you use an FHA loan, your down payment may be handed to you, allowing you to purchase a home with no money down. The PMI, or private mortgage insurance, needed on homes purchased with less than a 20% down payment, is one requirement that will raise your monthly payments.

USDA Rural Housing Loans

This program provides a 90 percent loan guarantee to lenders to decrease their risk of loaning 100 percent of the home’s value.  But, don’t let the name fool you; the loans are available for qualifying area housing in rural areas and the suburbs and based on the income level of your area of the country. Therefore, you must have an income below the median income level and meet specific credit score requirements, among others, to take advantage of these loans to buy a Roseville house without a down payment.

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VA Loans

If you’re a veteran, you can buy a Roseville house without a down payment through the government-backed VA loan program, which provides insurance to lenders, such as banks, credit unions, and mortgage companies. Along with lower rates and lenient guidelines to qualify, another advantage to these loans is that there is no mortgage insurance required. When you’ve sold the home, you can apply for another VA loan; the benefit never expires. Additionally, suppose you’ve owned your home for years and paid off the VA loan. In that case, those who are eligible or their eligible surviving spouses can receive a one-time restoration of the benefit, allowing you to buy another home.

Down Payment Assistance Programs

Down payment assistance programmes (DPA) grants help homebuyers who don't have enough money to put down on a house in their [market city]. Many of these programmes have income requirements, credit score requirements, and a requirement that you haven't bought a house in the previous three years to qualify as a first-time homebuyer. The interest rates on these programmes can range from zero to high, and the help can come in a variety of ways, including grants, loans, deferred loans, and forgiven loans.

Existing Equity

With enough equity on your existing home, you can buy another Roseville house without a down payment. If you don’t have the savings, this could be the solution to attain your vacation property or a second home. Or perhaps you’re interested in leveraging your equity to purchase an investment property to build an income stream and wealth for your retirement without depleting your ready cash.

There are a variety of inventive ways to buy a house in Roseville without a down payment, and the pros at Property Sales Group have years of expertise assisting buyers like you in overcoming any obstacles that may stand in your way. You need to execute a transaction without tying up your money, whether you're purchasing your first house or creating a real estate empire; the pros at Property Sales Group can help you explore your options with no obligation. Don't forget to inquire about our current inventory of the most desirable houses in Roseville. Property Sales Group can be reached at 916.990.7376.