Top 4 Benefits of Selling a House for Cash In Sacramento

April 4, 2020

Top 4 Benefits of Selling a House for Cash In Sacramento

What is Benefits of selling a house for cash? Are you looking to sell your home in the Sacramento areas but are worried about the fees, delays and unexpected hassles of a traditional real estate deal?

Selling a Sacramento house for cash (as-is) could be an instant solution to a big problem.

As a seller, you may be facing circumstances that are out of your control. You could be in the middle of a divorce. You might have inherited an older home and need to sell it quickly. Maybe you’re just short on time and need to move as fast as possible.

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home using a real estate agent, you already know what that’s like. All those fees and complicated papers made you feel baffled and overwhelmed.

Sure, you’d like to sell your home without the expense and hassle of fixing it up, but won’t that mean losing lots of cash?

And how do you know what your home is truly worth in today’s Sacramento market? Ask a realtor that question and the answer is usually, “…it depends.” Yes, a realtor wants to sell your home for the highest price. But there are things beyond everyone’s control like a slow market or buyers who can’t get loans.

Remember all those confusing or surprising costs at closing? You know—escrow fees, city and county transfer taxes, title search fees, and more? Subtract all those fees from your accepted offer and pretty soon your home has shed even more of its value even before the realtor takes a 6% bite. It seems as if everyone else is making money on YOUR deal. It makes you feel like even though you own the home, you loose!

So, what are your options if you need to sell your Sacramento house fast?

1) Hire a realtor

2) Sell the home on your own (‘for sale by owner’)

– OR –

3) Accept an as-is cash offer from with a licensed, professional real estate investment group like Property Sales Group

Let’s look at those options:

Hire a realtor

There are over 2,200 realtors in the Sacramento area. Just find one you like and sign an agreement to list your home. Expect anywhere from a 3 to 12-month delay with all those fees and commissions eating away the money you make on the sale. The upside is, of course, that the realtor helps you through the confusing paperwork.

And real estate agents are well-connected. They know the area and generally, get you a fair market price for your home. The downside is that realtors are looking for buyers who plan to live in the home. Since those buyers are rarely able to pay cash for the home, you never know when a buyer’s unexpected loan or contingency problems can occur, and your sale gets cancelled.

Sell the house yourself

If you’re a patient, savvy seller and know a thing or two about marketing property you might do okay here. There are services out there who can help you list the property, and some realtors will (for a 3% commission) send buyers your way.

The downside is that the seller has to estimate the value of the home or pay for an appraisal. Then there is all that paperwork, worrying about getting the buyer qualified for a loan, and all those other headaches, delays, and problems that go along with every real estate sale.

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Hire a real estate investment group

We’re not talking about sketchy “home flippers” here. There are plenty of those around, and they are in business to buy fixer-upper homes, spend as little money on repairs as possible and sell Home quickly at a profit. But beware. Many of those so-called “flippers/wholesales” are unlicensed and are not subject to California real estate laws.

What makes Property Sales Group different? We’re licensed agents, which means your fast-cash sale is always handled fairly, professionally and legally, using California-approved contracts. That means there is no risk or downside to you.

How does it work? You contact us and schedule a short walk-through. There’s never any obligation or high-pressure selling. We simply discuss your property, help you understand the process, answer any questions or concerns and help you decide if selling your home for cash makes sense for your unique situation.

When you’re ready to go, simply accept the cash offer, and the investment group handles the rest.

That means you never have to handle home inspections, appraisals, or get stuck with additional fees, out-of-pocket expenses or closing costs. The investment group employs and supervises their own property construction crews, who only arrive after you receive a fair price for your home and agree upon your move-out date.

4 Big Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Investment Group

Selling a home can be a major hassle

Even the simplest home sale requires a great deal of time and effort. The realtor or seller must schedule home showings and inspections. Buyers will ask tons of questions looking for reasons to make lower cash offers. You have to keep the house in a model-home condition and be ready to leave when the realtor shows it.

When time is of the essence, cash sales can be much quicker

A “fast” sale using a realtor can still take up to two months (or more). Hire a real estate investment group and have the cash in hand in as little as 10 days.

Don’t forget about the hassle you face while waiting for the lender to approve the buyer’s loan. Of course, the lender needs to protect the value of its investment, so they hire inspectors and professional appraisers. When they find something wrong, you probably have to fix it (or accept a lower price for your home).

A cash sale bypasses those frustrating experiences.

Closing costs corrode the cash flow

Remember, realtors and other professionals you hire to help sell your home end up eating into whatever profit your home brings. If you have to sink a lot of money up front, you’ll be really disappointed when you see all those charges subtracted from the check the realtor gives you.

Sell for cash and avoid all those costs. A cash sale through a real estate investment group is simple and quick. Get a fair appraisal of the home’s actual value. You can skip the costs to fix up the place and close out a simple cash-for-goods sale.

As-Is sales are quicker and easier

Deal with a bank and be ready to go through a formal, and often costly, appraisal. Those appraisals are often a waste of time, but they are something every real estate agent must put you through.

With cash sales, the seller skips the inspections and appraisals. The real estate investment group does necessary home repairs and upgrades after they’ve bought your home and you’ve moved out. The seller avoids the added aggravation of dealing with a buyer whose bank demands a perfect home. And all too often, repairs and improvements don’t end up paying off with a higher home selling price.

Why a real estate investment group works best when selling a house for cash

Sacramento home sellers seeking all the advantages of a quick cash sale, no matter what the condition of the home, can have the cash as fast as 2 weeks or less.

Sure, you may get a higher offer from a listing with a real estate agent. But if you need cash fast, you don’t need to pay the commissions, fees, transfer taxes, and closing costs. You can accept a fast cash offer from a licensed real estate investment firm like Property Sales Group.

Often, your net profit is the same, but without all the time and aggravation. And you get your money sooner.

What’s the best way to get started selling your home quickly for cash? Let us help. Our founder, Sergei Kucher has helped thousands of Sacramento homeowners through the process of selling a house for cash fairly, fast and stress-free.

If you need to sell your home quickly, all you have to do is schedule a short, no-pressure, (and free) consultation and walk-through. We’ll walk you through the entire process, answer questions and help you evaluate whether or not selling a house for cash is the best option for your unique situation.

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